Exmouth's only semi-submersible boat

SubSea ExplorerThe Sub Sea Explorer is a custom-built semi-submersible vessel that gives passengers a unique view of the underwater architecture and marine life from below the waterline.

It is the only semi-submersible catamaran vessel in Western Australia and operates all year round from the Tanderbiddi sanctuary zone on the beautiful Ningaloo Reef.

The Sub Sea can comfortably carry 30 passengers and 2 crew and has the ability to be chartered for large groups including weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties and special events. Call our friendly crew on 0405 226 029 for very competitive rates today to see how affordable and special your next event could be.

The Ningaloo Reef is an iconic and World-Class in terms of corals, fish fauna and marine life and a journey on the Sub Sea Explorer is not only inspirational and educational, but a great way for the family to understand the underwater ecology of the Coral Coasts.

The Sub Sea Explorer will take you on an unforgettable journey over the reefs of Western Australia without getting your feet wet. Learn about the shipwrecks, maritime history and influence of the Leeuwin Current on the flora and fauna as you take a journey of discovery.

See the myriad of fish species and ask our trained staff to help you identify them.

Seated in carpeted comfort

SubSea Explorer InteriorProtected from the sun and wind you have a three dimensional view of the exotic coral gardens of Ningaloo. You will swim with loads of sub-tropical fish species if you take a snorkeling tour with our trained snorkel guides. You may also see turtles and rays.

An informative commentary

You'll be given an excellent introduction to the area and an opportunity to ask all your questions about the Ningaloo Reef. The glass panels, with no reflection, provide perfect conditions to take photographs and video footage.

Take the opportunity to go up on deck and keep a watchful eye out for whales breaching in the distance. You may choose to stay up on deck, relax and enjoy the sunshine or go back down below and continue with the informative commentary.

You will be amazed!

Bookings are essential. Snorkelling tours are also run daily. Click here for tour times & pricing.